Nightstand - RUSTIC

I made this nightstand in my university woodworkshop ​​in 2013. Our task was to make a stool using drill pin connections. I designed the stool with a lower level to get a more flexible piece of furniture which could also be used as a bedside table. I seek the same kind of design language and surface, whcih resembles my favorite chair.

The material I used was birch which I stained in a nut-brown colour. The birch was shipped to university as a thick and wide board. The birch blocks were smoothed, cut into pieces and split to the required size. When the blocks were ready, it was time to start makeing the stool.

I stained the surfaces, sanded and restained them until I got my desired rustic smooth surface.

The spiral of the legs are made by me and three of my classmates. The twist, which had to be made using hand tools only, was our first assignment in the woodworkshop.

copyright: Iita Saarva