Bluethooth earspeaker - WHISP

These headphones are styled for both women and men who want high guality earspeakers. It´s made to look like jewellery but more beautiful and lighter than a normal headphone.

It´s very ergonomic to wear and it will not fall off during any kind of sport or excersise.

I made the first prototypes useing clay and polymorfi. Before I designed the shape, I visited many headphone companies and shops in Helsinki, Finland. I scanned my ear in a 3D mold with help of our school 3D expert.

Ears are unique to each person; it must be noted that the older the ears the greater the difficulty to adapt an earphone. But I explored ear ergonomy, and I found out, that the Concha (latin) thickness of the ear is 4 - 2mm for every person. Relying of that measure, I decided to build a universal, one size fits all prototype.

Silvercasting was the best way to make an earspeaker prototype. The prototype in the picture is made of silver. In the picture below there is 3D modelling and various process pictures.

copyright: Iita Saarva