Portable shadowtheatre - SHADE

As a Shadow theater actor I got an order to make a foldable and portable shadowtheatre.

Originally my first idea was to make a kind of square theater, but I had problems to get the support structures light enough. My winning idea was to use a tent support arch.

The theater consists of a tent support arch, fabric and legs. This theater is easy to assemble and fold up fitting perfectly in a 50x70cm suitcase. You only have to set up a theater and light source, and put the actors between them.

The fabric is white lining fabric (polyethylene), drawcords are darkgreen silk tape (3mm thick), tighteners are made of poplypropeenia. The support band between the legs is 50 mm wide and made of Polyethylene, the legs are made of birch, and the arch was taken directly from a tent (fiberglass).

With luggage the total weight is around 3kg.

copyright: Iita Saarva