I designed and made ​​the dresses while studying in high school. Personally, I prefer comfortable clothes, so I focused on doing them nice and snug.

Prom Dress

The dress is a perfect fit, so while wearing them you do not have to worry about anything.

The dress on the left (named Bell dress) consists of a corset and skirt, the bra part is hidden under the corset which is adjustable, making it very comfortable to wear.

Student costume (bottom left)

Rauma, my hometown, is known for its lace designs. I had bought a beautiful amber necklace and wanted a suitable dress to wear it with. I made the student dress useing black lace and amber-colored raw silk.

Spring dress (bottom right)

I had dreamed of doing a knee-length bell skirt for wearing during the weekends. The spring dress scheme was made in a quite simple fashion: The fabric was made of long cut shreds and wrinkled while sewing. This skirt is made of linen fabric.

copyright: Iita Saarva