Playing in theatregroup Mustat Serkut

I have performed in Mustat Serkut ‚Äčalredy since 2006, when the theater group started. The group has nowadays eight different performances, each of them is created by the team from start to finish. Our group does not present traditional theater, but hand, shadow and object theater.

As a member of the group, I designed manuscripts, sound stage, presentations, visual image, shadows and shapes.

In the shadow theatre building the props is the main effort for creating a new performance.

The hand theatre focuses on formulating everything necessery only with hands. (props, sceneries and characters)

The object theatre is based on objects, and their charisma, so it is important to find the right objects.

All the performances of the group are very visual.

I also coded the Mustat serkut websites.

copyright: Iita Saarva